Is Susan Rice Now Protected by Executive Privilege?



Tom Blumer at NewsBusters has an article this morning pointing out a very interesting take on some of the fallout of the Susan Rice appointment to National Security Advisor. In his post he reports on an article and statements by Fox News commentator K.T. McFarland who believes that Susan Rice could now be protected from any further testimony about the Benghazi terrorism scandal by President Obama invoking executive privilege on her behalf:

So what is Obama thinking with the Rice appointment? He’s doubling down and  circling the wagons. He’s rewarding Rice for being a loyal (if incompetent)  soldier. He is hanging tough on the scandals and claiming that he knew nothing  about them until he read about them in the papers.

On the other hand, maybe Obama’s appointment of Rice is smarter than it looks  on the surface.

By appointing Rice to the NSC job the president can invoke executive  privilege and claim she doesn’t have to testify on Capitol Hill. And even if she  does talk about Benghazi, at some point, she will certainly be a loyal soldier  if she is now sitting just steps from the Oval Office.

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About the only thing Obama is smart at is the art of dirty Chicago politics. This appointment is a masterful dirty move that no Republican, or maybe even a white Democrat, could ever get away with.