IRS Agents Accidentally Discharged Weapons More Than They Intentionally Discharged Weapons


By now you’ve heard that the IRS has armed agents, and some of them are being trained in the use of AR-15’s. That’s a scary thought, considering that these armed agents have accidentally discharged their weapons more times than they have intentionally done so.

Special agents at the IRS accidentally shot their firearms 11 times between 2009 and 2011, and at least three of the cases “may have resulted in property damage or personal injury.”

Agents actually fired their guns accidently more often than they intentionally fired them in the field, according to an audit by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA).

The report also found that the agency, which is now training with AR-15s, does not always provide remedial training to agents who fired their weapons due to “negligence.”

The September 2012 audit examined whether IRS special agents, who execute search warrants for those suspected of violating U.S. tax laws, are being properly trained and reporting incidents when weapons are fired.

“When performing their duties, special agents carry firearms and are authorized to use deadly force to protect themselves and the public,” the report explains.

Read the whole thing. There were also instances where they failed to report the accidental discharge of their weapons. Those cases included damage to property or persons, but the report redacted that information due to privacy. As if the agency that divulges confidential information about Americans they don’t like cares about privacy. And what’s this about protecting the public? How are these yahoos shooting off their guns by mistake protecting the public.