I Told You About The Huge US Data Mining Facility Months Ago


Suddenly the huge data mining facility in Utah is big news, even though it’s old news. Fox News reported on it, and I told you about it months ago. That’s why I’m not the least bit surprised about what we’re hearing this week. What did everyone think they were doing there, playing Words With Friends?

Here it is again in case you missed it:

The NSA is building a massive “spy center” near Salt Lake City that will have the capacity to store pretty much unlimited amounts of data. They swear they won’t be holding data on citizens, but everything they do is classified so they really can’t tell us much more.

Fox News flew over the complex and will be airing a special tonight about their months long investigation into the project.

Twenty-five miles due south of Salt Lake City, a massive construction project is nearing completion. The heavily secured site belongs to the National Security Agency.
“The spy center” — that’s what some of the locals like Jasmine Widmer, who works at Bluffdale’s sandwich shop, told our

Fox News team as part of an eight month investigation into data collection and privacy rights that will be broadcast Sunday at 9 p.m. ET called “Fox News Reporting: Your Secrets Out.”

The NSA says the Utah Data Center is a facility for the intelligence community that will have a major focus on cyber security. The agency will neither confirm nor deny specifics. Some published reports suggest it could hold 5 zettabytes of data. (Just one zettabyte is the equivalent of about 62 billion stacked iPhones 5′s– that stretches past the moon.

Read the whole thing. After they flew over the complex the government tracked down the helicopter and the FBI paid a visit to the pilot.

Big brother is watching.