Gang Of Eight Republicans Voted With Democrats To Kill Border Security Amendment


Gang of Liars

Maybe we should start calling the Republicans in the Gang of 8 the “Gang of Fools.”  If they think creating millions of new Democrat voters is going to help them at the polls they’re in for quite a surprise. Or we can just call the whole lot of them the “Gang of Liars.” Take your pick. Whatever you call them, they voted today to kill Senator Chuck Grassley’s amendment that would have required a secure border before legalizing all of these illegal immigrants.

Grassley’s amendment was dead on arrival in the Judiciary Committee and it was dead on arrival on the floor of the Senate today. Why? Because it did the one thing Republican border hawks Must Not Do as part of this grand, glorious compromise on immigration: It demanded that the border be effectively secured before any form of legalization, including first-stage probationary legalization, is granted to illegals. That would be a true enforcement “trigger” for amnesty, something that would warrant a second look at the bill. But of course, Democrats will never, ever agree to it; they have no more faith in DHS efficiently securing the border than you do, and thus there’s no way they’re going to make legalization contingent upon it. That’s why even Rubio, since the very beginning of this fiasco, has insisted that probationary legalization come before border security. The bill would be dead if he didn’t make that concession, and he’d rather have a terrible bill that betrays his phony promises of “security first” than have no bill at all.

That’s also why he, McCain, Graham, and Flake — the four GOP members of the Gang of Eight — all voted yes on Reid’s motion to table Grassley’s amendment, along with devout RINO Lisa Murkowski. They were the only Republican votes that Reid got, and as it turns out, he didn’t need a single one of them. (Read More)

Earlier today I saw a headline about Harry Reid being all excited that John Boehner is going to keep an open mind when it comes to the House bill. Isn’t that just fantastic? It’s like the Republicans are just bending right over for those Democrats.

Update: Speaking of gangs, Rep. Steve King said his office was invaded by a pack of self-professed illegals. He wonders how we can expect the border to be secured when they can’t even secure the House Judiciary Committee.

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