Farm Bill Voted Down In The House


Just in case you missed it, the pork-laden Farm bill was voted down in the House yesterday. John Boehner hardest hit.

In a blow to House GOP leaders, the House on Thursday rejected a five-year farm bill.

Members voted down the $940 billion bill in a 195-234 vote that only won 24 Democratic votes. Most Democrats voted against the bill because it cut food stamp programs by more than $20 billion.

Many Republicans also voted no, but for a different reason. They said it was too expensive a bill to pass when the country has $17 trillion in debt.

In the final vote, 62 Republicans opposed the bill, and with the Democratic defections, that was enough to send it to defeat.

The final tally was delayed for several minutes as GOP leaders held the vote open, while Democrats called for the vote to close.

Read the whole thing. For the lefties jumping up and down and screeching about “taking food out of the mouths of babes” go take a look at how the USDA is spending our tax dollars.