Does Immigration Bill Make You Want To Puke? That’s By Design


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If that Gang of 8 immigration bill makes you want to puke, you aren’t alone. But the thing is, for the Democrats that’s a feature, not a bug. Wes Pruden explains how they don’t really care if this bill passes or not. Sure, they’d like all of the new Democrat voters, but they’re happy as long as they have it as an issue in the coming midterm elections. So they’re loading it up with ipecac to make anyone with common sense or a sense of self preservation sick, thereby ensuring that the issue doesn’t go away.

The Democrats pushing immigration reform want the issue, not the reform, and they think a defeat they could hang on the Republicans could give them a shot at keeping the Senate and taking the House next November. Then they could enact a law to give everybody who wants one an American passport. This would guarantee unanimous election results, like those in the squalid places the illegals are fleeing.

There’s lots for everybody to gag on, which is how Sen. Harry Reid, the Las Vegas bag man in charge of running the charade in the Senate, is determined to preserve as many poison pills as he can. He has to preserve as much of the stink as he can to keep the Republican gag reflex working.

Read the whole thing. Unfortunately, there are too many Republicans who have lost all common sense and are more concerned about political self preservation than they are about preserving the republic, and too stupid to realize that they’re playing right into the Democrats’ hands.