Dem Rep Dan Maffei Blames Brutal, Horrific Crime On Sequester



Every time I wonder if Democrat Representative Dan Maffei could stoop any lower he comes out and shows his rotten face and proves that yes, he can stoop lower. This takes the cake. He blamed the brutal, horrific murder of a mother, and the rape of that woman’s young daughter, on the sequester. The man is an embarrassment to his district and the entire state of New York, but of course, so many voters buy into this garbage and actually believe it. The local news ran his impassioned plea to restore funding to the federal court system, as if that would have saved Lori Bresnahan’s life, or her daughter from being brutalized by a dangerous criminal named David Renz.

After the case made headlines, a woman told reporters that she was molested as a child by Renz. She said that in 1999, when she was 9 years old and he was 15, Renz sexually assaulted her. That case was handled in family court and the records were sealed, but at the January hearing on the child pornography case against Renz, court documents indicate, the federal magistrate mentioned Renz’s criminal history as a juvenile before authorizing the suspect’s release.

Monday, the congressman who represents the upstate New York district blamed federal spending cuts for the crime, saying that ending the curent budget sequester — implemented to reduce the federal deficit — is an obligation Congress owes to Renz’s victims. “We owe them a guarantee that this cannot happen again,” Maffei said in his House floor speech. “We owe them an end to sequester cuts affecting our federal probation system.”

Maffei had written to Hogan and Attorney General Eric Holder last month asking them to investigate the federal probation office in charge of monitoring Renz’s pre-trial release. Chief Probation Officer Matthew Brown and others in the Syracuse office have denied that the failures in supervising Renz were a result of personnel shortages or other consequences of budget cuts. Hogan’s letter to Maffei did not name the employees who were fired or demoted, but the Post-Standard had previously reported that the Steven Acquilano, the probation officer responsible for monitoring Renz, was no longer employed at the U.S. Probation Office for the Northern District of New York.

This case has been in the local news since it happened in the middle of March. Bresnehan was a school librarian in the Liverpool school district, so it’s been the topic of conversation among many of us in the community. This is the first I’ve heard of anyone blaming the the sequester for this hideous crime.

Here’s the local news report giving credence to Maffei’s allegation that this was the result of budget cuts.

Maffei was right in one sense, this guy should have been monitored more closely while he was awaiting trial for child pornography, but to blame it on the sequester is downright shameful. What did that have to do with the policy in this probation office to routinely ignore alarms set off by these monitoring bracelets? Budget cuts or not, if the probation officers involved had been doing the jobs we pay them to do this might have been prevented.

Oh, and if Maffei really does believe this crime was due to the sequester, why isn’t he going after President Obama for refusing to make targeted cuts to the federal budget? Why isn’t he going after Obama for proposing the sequester in the first place? You’ll never hear him do that because he’s a Democrat. They are nothing if not consistently dishonest and always willing to use every crisis and every horrific crime to score political points.

My apologies to those who are unfamiliar with the details of this crime. Local readers are well aware of it, but for more background read the whole piece at Viral Read and The American Spectator.