Chuck Schumer Stands Up For Illegal Aliens Who Steal Americans’ Identities


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As usual, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is on the wrong side of an issue. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) introduced an amendement to the rotten immigration bill working its way through the Senate that would require illegal aliens seeking amnesty to disclose all aliases and Social Security numbers they have used while living in the United States. The amendment wouldn’t even make the identity thieves ineligible for legal status. But of course, Schumer stood up for the identity thieves, because they couldn’t possibly remember all of the identities they may have stolen from American citizens.

“If Congress is going to adopt legislation that grants legal status to the 12 million undocumented living unlawfully in the United States, it should not thumb its nose at the millions of Americans who are victims of identity theft, often perpetrated by an undocumented person who steals Social Security numbers to get jobs, benefits, driver’s licenses and more,” said Grassley.

“This amendment will simply require the person applying for RPI status to disclose any previously used Social Security numbers,” said Grassley. “It’s the first step to helping clean up the mess that’s been created for the victim of identity theft. The amendment also authorizes certain federal agencies, upon receipt of this information, to notify individuals who were the victims.”

Schumer dismissed Grassley’s proposal.

“When people are living in undocumented status, there are times, I suppose, when they’ve made up identities, made up Social Security numbers,” Schumer told his Judiciary Committee colleagues. “How are they going to remember all that, and are we going to delay RPI status?

“(The) purpose of this is to bring people out of the shadows,” Schumer said of the “reform” bill. “We all know when they lived in the shadows, they had to forge documents, forge Social Security numbers, et cetera. We want to stop that once and for all so it never happens again. But this isn’t going to help. This is going to leave millions of people still in the shadows and not able to come out of the shadows and won’t solve the problem that we’re trying to solve, which is to have as few people here illegally as possible, put them on RPI, provisional status and then get them on a path to citizenship.”

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In other news, there has been talk about Marco Rubio possibly walking away from the Gang of Eight and voting against his own bill. While that would be nice, don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen. But it may not matter, as immigration talks in the House are “near collapse” according to ABC News because the Democrats want the illegal-turned-legal immigrants to be eligible to enroll in Obamacare.