Aw! That Hot, Hot Sun Ruined Obama’s Berlin Speech For Tingles



Poor Tingles. Chris Matthews is trying to get that old lovin’ feeling back for President Obama, but that hot, hot Berlin sun got in the way, and kept The One from using his trusty old teleprompter.

“A lot of the problem he had today, the late afternoon sun in Berlin, I think, ruined his use of the teleprompters. His usual dramatic windup was ruined.”

In all fairness to The One, he did receive hearty applause when he said he was taking off his jacket and invited the 4,500 or so in attendance to do the same. (Yeah, I know, a far cry from the 200,000 that went to see him in 2008 when he was a lowly senator.)

Oh, and Obama also called for further nuclear reductions (and promised we would do so, too) and more action on climate change. There were no “Tear down this wall” moments.

H/T Doug Powers