When Muslims Attack, You Better Just Shut Up About It


London terrorist

Have you heard about all of the anti-Muslim “backlash” in the United Kingdom after a British soldier was slaughtered in broad daylight by Islamic extremists? There wasn’t much anti-Muslim violence, but some British people made the mistake of speaking out against the terrorists in their midst on social media. Their government is letting them know that sort of behavior won’t be tolerated.

But no: the British media were going along with the whole chilling business – reporting on criticism of Islam as if it was indeed a high crime, and reporting on the arrests of those who had engaged in such criticism as if arresting people for such acts were perfectly justifiable.

As of last Friday, according to the Mail, eleven persons had been picked up for anti-Muslim speech crimes. Among them were two Bristol men, aged 22 and 23, who had posted tweets “of an allegedly racist or anti-religious nature” and who had been taken into custody “under the Public Order Act on suspicion of inciting racial or religious hatred.” The Mail quoted a detective inspector as saying that the men’s tweets, which had been “directed against a section of our community,” were “completely unacceptable,” as they “cause…harm to our community.” The cop warned: “People should stop and think about what they say on social media before making statements as the consequences could be serious.”

He wasn’t alone in issuing such warnings. In connection with a similar arrest in Surrey, a police superintendent said: “Surrey Police will not tolerate language used in a public place, including on social media websites, which causes harassment, alarm or distress.” Another arrest, for posting an “offensive, indecent or menacing message” on Facebook, took place in Sussex. And another in Hampshire. And in what seemed to be related developments, the websites of several British newspapers, departing from their usual practice, blocked comments on articles related to the Rigby murder. Meanwhile, the English Defence League held a big march in London to protest both the murder and the Islamization of Britain that had made it possible. But where was the huge London rally of “moderate Muslims” condemning the murder? (Isn’t it interesting that almost nobody even bothers to ask that question anymore?)

On Monday, as if to remind everybody of the difference between “offensive”  statements and actual physical violence, three Muslim inmates in Full Sutton Prison responded to an ill-advised suggestion that they pray for Rigby by beating a guard within an inch of his life….

Read the whole thing. If you think it can’t happen here, just think of that loser of a guy who is sitting in jail because he made a stupid video about Islam.