What’s Obama’s Problem With Working Mothers?


Mad Obama

It’s Mothers Day weekend and to honor working moms everywhere, President Obama threatened to veto a bill that would give them more flexibility at work by letting them choose between overtime pay and comp time. What a guy.

The White House on Monday threatened to veto the Working Families Flexibility Act, a bill aimed at giving parents more freedom to juggle their work and family obligations. Sponsored by Alabama Republican (and mother of two young children) Martha Roby, the legislation updates the 75-year-old Fair Labor Standards Act to allow employees to swap overtime pay for compensatory time off.

Polls show working mothers are eager for this kind of flexibility, since it lets them adjust their busy schedules for school-age children or aging parents. Government workers were granted this flexibility as long ago as 1985. But millions of workers in the private economy still labor under a Depression-era law that requires that they take time-and-half pay for any extra hours they work.

The Roby bill makes so much practical sense that the White House has been reduced to blatant misrepresentations. Its veto threat claimed the bill would “undermine the existing right to hard-earned overtime pay,” notwithstanding that this hasn’t happened among government workers. The House bill mirrors government provisions that put individuals in charge of deciding if they want compensatory time or overtime, and that include safeguards against companies pressuring employees.

Read the whole thing. The real reason Obama is threatening to veto the bill is to appease the unions. They don’t want workers negotiating flex time and overtime pay on their own, because it will weaken their power.

So, who is it that’s waging a war on women?

Update: Linked by Expose the Media – thanks. Oh, and I by no means meant to diminish men who need time off to take care of their families or personal business. It’s just that the Democrats have been harping endlessly about some imagined war on women, when they are the ones who are going out of their way to protect the unions over all working parents.