Well, I’m Glad The Tea Party Showed Up Somewhere To Protest The IRS

Late Sunday night or early Monday morning I found out about nationwide tea parties scheduled for Tuesday at noon to protest the actions of the IRS. I thought it was really short notice, and I knew there was no way I could make it locally. Well, it’s a good thing I didn’t waste any time because I heard that nobody showed up. Dianny was there, and she was the only one. She said she would send me pictures, but there were no pictures to send. She had nothing to take a picture of. Oh well, at least Donald Douglas did out in California, where he reported they swarmed on the IRS office.

Well, I’m sure glad someone showed up. Donald has more pictures. I don’t know why nobody showed up in Syracuse. I guess upstate New Yorkers like seeing their liberties violated. Or they just don’t realize when it’s happening. Either way, it’s depressing. We walk amongst the lemmings.

Oh, and this was scheduled for many hours before the thunderstorms hit, so that’s no excuse.

Update: If the links are kind of weird, I apologize. This local storm seems to be wreaking havoc on everything tonight, and I’ having a lot of issues with connecting to the internet. It’s been spotty, and I’ve had to switch back and forth between the wireless modem and my phone.

Update: Da TechGuy covered the Tea Party in Boston, where only about thirty people showed up. He said they only had about 21 hours notice.