Video: Student Tells Teacher What He Thinks Of Her Teaching Style


Jeff Bliss

Duncanville, TX high school student Jeff Bliss was not blissful when he gave a teacher piece of his mind on her teaching style. He slammed how she just hands out packets, rather than actually teaching the students.

If you would just get up and teach them instead of handing them a freaking packet. …You want kids to get excited for this, you gotta come in here and make ’em excited. …This is the future of this nation.”


Whether or not you agree with Bliss’s methods, he did garner quite a bit of attention. The video has gone viral. He must have struck a nerve.

Here’s video of him being interviewed by a local news outlet.

I can’t help but imagine even more angry outbursts by students as Common Core is fully implemented.

H/T Bob M.