Video: CBS Newsman Bob Schieffer Getting A Bit Fed Up With Obama Talkers



It’s kind of fun watching the press turn on  the Hope-n-Changey Obama administration, regardless of the reasons they might be doing it. Here’s CBS newsman Bob Schieffer, who seemed to be pretty much at the end of his rope with the Obama administration, interviewing White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer.

SCHIEFFER: But Mr. Pfeiffer, and I don’t mean to be argumentative here, but the President is in charge of the executive branch of the government. It’s my, I’ll just make this as an assertion: when the executive branch does things right, there doesn’t seem to be any hesitancy of the White House to take credit for that. When Osama bin Laden was killed, the President didn’t waste any time getting out there and telling people about it.

But with all of these things, when these things happen, you seem to send out officials many times who don’t even seem to know what has happened. And I use as an example of that Susan Rice who had no connection whatsoever to the events that took place in Benghazi, and yet she was sent out, appeared on this broadcast, and other Sunday broadcasts, five days after it happens, and I’m not here to get in an argument with you about who changed which word in the talking points and all that. The bottom line is what she told the American people that day bore no resemblance to what had happened on the ground in an incident where four Americans were killed.

NewsBusters has more. Here’s the video. Let’s hope this new distrust of the Obama administration isn’t just a passing fad, and either way, that Hillary Clinton isn’t absolved of her sins by the media. Like Schieffer noted in the video below, the Secretary of State at the time didn’t bother to come out and answer any questions.