Ugh! Enviro-Kooks Compare Stopping Keystone Pipeline To Lincoln Ending Slavery


Obama Presser

Good grief. The eco-kooks have written to President Obama, pleading with him to kill the Keystone Pipeline once and for all, so that he can be like Abraham Lincoln who ended slavery. I wish I was making this up.

A group of 150 major Democratic donors and clean energy investors have sent President Obama a letter urging him to deny a presidential permit to the Keystone XL pipeline, comparing the decision’s significance to Abraham Lincoln’s push to end slavery through a constitutional amendment.

The missive, which was sent by the group Thursday and was obtained by The Washington Post, emphasized Obama’s respect for Lincoln and suggested the controversial pipeline–which would transport heavy crude from Alberta to refineries on the Gulf Coast–marked a similar turning point in American history.

“He made one of the most important decisions of his presidency and for our nation when he decided that he would fight for the 13th Amendment to end slavery even if it took every

ounce of his political capital,” they wrote. “Your decision on Keystone may not be so weighty, but we believe it holds a comparable urgency and importance, not strictly as a pipeline decision but as a presidential choice that will signal a fundamentally new direction for our nation.”

Read the whole thing to find out who signed the letter. Do these liberal loons understand that Canada is going to develop the tar sands whether the pipeline gets built or not? If it doesn’t, they’ll be using less safe modes to transport the oil, and the US won’t benefit from it. How is that a win for anyone in the US?

Speaking of liberal loons, the organization formerly known as the Obama campaign is still out there campaigning on climate change. I guess the irony of their hero’s many taxpayer-sponsored, carbon-spewing flights to push his agenda is lost on them.