Thanks To Obamacare Many Individuals And Small Businesses Could Lose Health Policies They Like



So much for President Obama’s promise that if you like your health insurance policy you can keep your health insurance policy. Thanks to his signature legislation, many individuals and small businesses who like their policies are going to lose them because they don’t cover all of the things mandated by Obamacare.

State insurance regulators say many people who buy their own health insurance could get surprises this fall: cancellation notices because their policies aren’t up to the basic standards of President Barack Obama’s overhaul.

These people, and some small businesses, will have to find replacement plans _ and that has some state officials worried about consumer confusion. …

But supporters of the overhaul are betting that consumers won’t object once they realize that the new coverage they will get is better than current bare-bones plans. (Read More)

They may like the new coverage, but I doubt they will like the price tag. Many of them probably won’t be able to afford it.

H/T Gateway Pundit