Senate Kills Border Security Amendments


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Here’s some news that isn’t the least bit surprising. The Senate killed amendments to the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill that would have required stronger border security.

The Senate immigration bill survived its first tests Thursday as a core group of Republicans and Democrats held together, killing efforts to require full border security requirements before legalizing illegal immigrants.

Kicking off the first votes on immigration this year, the Judiciary Committee held a daylong session on border security where senators agreed to require that the entire southwestern border be secured to 90 percent “efficiency.”

But the committee defeated Republican efforts to put that requirement and others before legalization. Members also rejected following through on a 2006 law that ordered the government to build 700 miles of two-tier fencing on the 2,000-mile-long border.

“I very much want to see the border shut down. I dislike illegal immigration,” said Sen. Charles E. Schumer, New York Democrat and one of those who led opposition. “But let’s do it in a smart way. Let’s do it in a way that’s cost-effective. Let’s do it in a way that doesn’t blow a hole in our budget. And let the experts decide.” (Read More)

Since when does Chuck Schumer, or any Democrat, give a hoot about blowing a hole in the budget? They really do think we’re stupid. So do the Republicans pushing this. Lindsey Grahamnesty “voted repeatedly” against Republican amendments because he didn’t want to “upset the balance.” Why didn’t he just say he didn’t want to upset the Democrats?