Obama’s Pal Bill Ayers Defended His Weather Underground Bombs


Bill Ayers

President Obama’s old pal Bill Ayers is making news again for defending the bombs he set when he was part of the Weather Underground. He was protesting a war, so we should all just forgive and forget. Maybe if we weren’t fighting commies at the time, and were fighting Christians instead, Ayers and his ilk wouldn’t have been so offended that they went on a massive crime spree throughout the United States.

Left-wing radical Bill Ayers, a longtime friend of President Barack Obama, recently defended the series of bombings that he carried out as a member of the Weather Underground, saying that his bombings were not like the Boston Marathon attack and that America is the most violent country that has ever been created.

Ayers — who participated in a series of anti-Vietnam War bombings in the early 1970s including an attack on New York City police department headquarters and the Pentagon — answered an Akron Beacon Journal reporter’s questions after giving a keynote speech at an event commemorating the anniversary of the 1970 Kent State National Guard shootings.

Ayers said that there is no equivalence between his bombings and the deadly bombings that rocked the Boston Marathon.

Read the whole thing for the quote from Ayers. The left idolizes guys like this. They make them professors and give them honors. At the same time, they characterize Christians and people who identify with the tea party – law abiding citizens who don’t even leave any trash behind – as the domestic terrorists. Then they tell us not to jump to conclusions when Islamist jihadists attack. It’s sick. Even more sick is that the current occupant of the White House started his political career in this guy’s living room. Oh well, nothing to see here, just move along.