NYC Wants To Give Non-Citizens The Right To Vote



When I was on the radio with Leslie Eastman not long ago we wondered where people are nuttier, New York or California. Well, New Yorkers sure are giving Californians a run for their money. In New York City legislators are seriously considering giving non-citizens the right to vote, and they have a veto-proof majority to get it done if that’s what they decide. This is complete insanity.

New York City could soon become the first major city in the country to give non-citizens the right to vote. The proposal, which would allow certain non-citizens to vote in local elections, appears to have a veto-proof majority in the New York City Council — enough to overcome opposition by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. As hearings on the proposal get underway Thursday, supporters are optimistic it will become law by the end of the year and believe it will have an impact beyond the five boroughs.

“It’s going to be huge and just imagine the implications that are involved here,” Councilman Daniel Dromm, one of the co-sponsors of the legislation along with Councilwoman Gale Brewer, told TPM Wednesday. (Read More)

Oh we can imagine the implications, all right. Ugh.