Nanny Bloomberg Now Cracking Down On Sidewalk Dining



New York Mayor Michael “Nanny” Bloomberg wants the people of his city to eat healthy, as long as they do so inside on not on sidewalks. He’s cracking down on restaurants with sidewalk dining because he’s a, well, you fill in the blank.

New York City’s Department of Consumer Affairs has given notice to 17 restaurants that offer sidewalk cafe dining: Stop the outdoor service.

“Please be advised you have 100 business days from, and including May 1, to complete one of the following options,” the agency, which operates under Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration, said in a statement, reported by The New York Post.

Option No. 1: Provide the city with a “certified land survey” to prove the cafe business is conducted on private property. Option No. 2: Filing for an exemption of zoning law. Or Option No. 3: Surrender the business permit and close up the outdoor shop, The Post reported.

At least one diner characterized Mr. Bloomberg’s newest target as ludicrous, The Post reported. (Read More)

I’ll bet we could find more than one diner who finds it ludicrous. What’s even worse is that this is in a city where a good number of people don’t have yards or decks, so their only opportunity for eating outside is to find a restaurant with outdoor dining. Now their options will be limited even more. Oh well, they voted for the guy.