IRS Blames Scandal On Two Rogue Workers, Obama Cans IRS Commissioner


Obama Presser

Earlier today House Speaker John Boehner asked “Who is going to jail over this” IRS scandal. Well, according to CNN, the administration is getting ready to pin the blame on a couple of “rogue” workers for the targeting of conservative groups.

The Internal Revenue Service has identified two “rogue” employees in the agency’s Cincinnati office as being principally responsible for “overly aggressive” handling of requests by conservative groups for tax-exempt status, a congressional source told CNN. (Read More)

The IRS commissioner said those workers “went off the reservation.” But hey, at least they were hard working. The list of those they targeted just keeps growing and growing. Good grief, when did those IRS workers ever get any sleep or time off? They must have been working around the clock. Unlike President Passerby, who was completely in the dark about all of this. It’s not his job anyway, according to the White House it’s all the Treasury Department’s fault. Oh wait, this just in, Obama had Jack Lew throw the acting IRS commissioner under the bus.

I’ve reviewed the Treasury Department’s watchdog report and the misconduct that it uncovered is inexcusable. It’s inexcusable and Americans have a right to be angry about it and I am angry about it. I will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency but especially in the IRS given the power that it has and the reach that it has in all of our lives. And as I said earlier, it should not matter what political stripe you’re from, the fact of the matter is that the IRS has to operate with absolute integrity. The government general has to conduct itself in a way that is true to the public trust, that’s especially true for the IRS. So here’s what we’re going to do. First, we’re going to hold the responsible parties accountable. Yesterday I directed Secretary Lew to follow up on the IG audit to see how this happened and who was responsible and to make sure that we understand all of the facts. Today Secretary Lew took the first step by requesting and accepting the resignation of the acting commissioner of the IRS because given the controversy surrounding this audit, it’s important to institute new leadership that can help restore confidence going forward. … Blah, blah, blah.

That was from Obama’s statement a little while ago. Of course he went on the slam Congress, as if it’s their fault. Well, in  a way, some of this can be blamed on Democrats in DC. Senator Chuck Schumer and his comrades insisted that the IRS go after these groups. I’m sure those “rogue” workers got the message that they were not to go after any progressive groups. They did what they were supposed to do, which is probably why Lois Lerner, who oversaw all of this, received $42K in bonuses in the past three years.