Happy Mothers Day!


Happy Mothers Day to all of you moms out there. I hope your day has been as good as mine. Enjoy what’s left of it!




Update: How insensitive of me. I apologize for not wishing you a Happy Parent 2 Day. Or is it Parent 1?

Update 2: Kristin Wartman, in an op-ed for the NYT, says she wants to make life easier for all of you moms out there by having the government pay for you to cook for your family. It’s like she wants us all to be married to the government. How romantic.

Update 3: Richard Vail reminds us that this is not a Happy Mothers Day for the mothers of the Americans slain in Benghazi.

Update 4: Linked by The Other McCain – thanks! I hope Mrs. Other McCain had a nice Mothers Day.