Friday Night Quick Hits



With spring little league in full swing there’s a lot I haven’t gotten to this week. Here’s what I missed today. Follow the links.

The Army Corps of Engineers is flushing away taxpayer dollars.

The Export-Import Bank is beginning to look more like the Bank of China, Boeing, and Human Rights Abusers. Lovely.

Obama quacks like a lame duck.

This is the worst late term abortion story I’ve read in at least a week. Brace yourself.

Israeli leaders aren’t kidding around when they talk about red lines. (Unlike someone else we know, who may be thinking of arming Al Qaeda.)

With all that’s going on in the world, and a record cold spring, you would think warmists would shut up about global warming, but they don’t. They’re actually calling for “wartime mobilization” to fight hotcoldwetdry. Seriously.

This is the best one-liner in response to Obama’s push for gun control that I’ve read in at least a week.

There’s something seriously wrong with a woman who will threaten herself with rape in order to make some sort of political point. But there’s something seriously right about mercilessly mocking that woman.

I’m probably still missing quite a bit, but hey, I’m just one person. I was busy watching my 8 year old playing ball. He had one of the best hits of his little baseball career tonight. Oh, and I’ve been on a roll here in my house, it’s cleaner than it’s been in years. Can you blame me for staying away from the computer for a little while?

Update: Conservative Hideout linked – thanks!