#EveryoneBlogAboutPigford – Don’t Forget The Pigford Scandal



Last week The New York Times published a long investigative piece about the Pigford farmer reparations scandal. Billions of dollars were handed out by the Obama administrator to “claimants” who weren’t even required to submit even the scantest bit of evidence that they had been discriminated against by the USDA. Since the piece pretty much vindicated Andrew Breitbart, Lee Stranahan thought it would be a good idea to make today #EveryoneBlogAboutPigford day.

Today, the New York Times had an epic piece on the front page about the fraud in farmers settlement. The piece is first rate. Whatever you think of the Times, this is a huge breakthrough because the story vindicates all the work that Andrew, me and others have put in on it; it confirms the major conclusions we reached and adds new details. Because the New York Times sets the agenda for much of the mainstream media, it’s already had an effect.

But I need your help to keep the momentum going.

I’ve been kind of busy the past few days, but I’ve still been paying attention to the news. I don’t recall hearing anything about this unless it was something I read online. This is a huge scandal, but there’s still silence from much of the media.

Legal Insurrection wonders why Media Matters continues to ignore this story, Investors Business Daily had an op-ed yesterday, and National Review summed it up nicely the other day.

At the time of his premature death, the great provocateur Andrew Breitbart was more than a year into a grinding crusade to bring attention to a little-known class-action settlement called Pigford, which had begun with plausible accusations that the U.S. Department of Agriculture had discriminated against a small number of black farmers, but which had spiraled into a billion-dollar, open-ended government kickback machine for untold thousands that showed no signs of letting up. The Pigford case represented everything Breitbart raged against in the American political order — large-scale cronyism, corrosive and cynical identity politics, unrepentant hypocrisy, and the predictable indifference of the mainstream media. A handful of conservative outlets reported on the story at the time — including NR — and a handful of liberal outlets dedicated only as much ink to these stories as it took to dismiss them. But in Breitbart’s lifetime, Pigford never cracked into “the conversation”; it never came to be seen as emblematic of a deeper corruption endemic in Big Government.

But we get crickets from the media. Searching Google for the past week doesn’t produce any results from the major media outlets. I went back several pages and the closest I could find was a Politico piece from several days ago, but you won’t hear about that on the evening news. Left wing blogs have been pretty silent, too. Gee, I wonder why they aren’t all out in full force debunking the Times story? Could it be because they can’t?

Update: Be sure to watch the video posted at Patterico’s Pontifications.