Cuomo Isn’t Too Keen On Weiner


weiner tmz image

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Apparently New York Governor Andrew Cuomo isn’t too keen on Anthony Weiner’s candidacy for mayor of NYC. He said electing Weiner would be shameful. Heh.

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Cuomo, during an appearance before the Syracuse Post-Standard’s editoral board Wednesday, was asked his thoughts on Weiner entering the race.

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“He runs? He runs,” the paper quotes him as saying in a transcript.

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But asked how he would feel if Weiner (self-pictured at right) were to be elected, Cuomo was blunt.

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“Shame on us,” he replied. (Read More)

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Who is he kidding? We all know Democrats have no shame.

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Oh, and Weiner can’t rule out the possibility of more lewd photos of himself popping up.