As More Democrats Distance Themselves From Obamacare, Harry Reid Says They Just Need More Money


Harry Reid

Recently Senator Max Baucus, one of Obamacare’s architects, came out and said the law is turning into a train wreck. Now even more Democrats are trying to distance themselves from the rotten law. Elizabeth Colbert Busch slammed it during a debate with Mark Sanford,  calling it expensive and “extremely problematic.”

Mrs. Colbert Busch also joins a growing chorus of Democrats who are backing away from the law now that its enormous costs and implementation problems are becoming more obvious. Montana Democrat Max Baucus used a recent Senate hearing to worry that ObamaCare was looking to be a “train wreck.” West Virginia Democratic Sen. Jay Rockefeller pronounced that ObamaCare is “so complicated” that “if it isn’t done right the first time, it will just simply get worse.” The most recent Kaiser Health Tracking Poll confirmed that the law has been plummeting in the public’s opinion. Just 35% of Americans today view ObamaCare “favorably” or “somewhat favorably,” down eight points since Election Day and its lowest level of support since it was passed.

I hope South Carolina’s CD1 voters aren’t fooled, all she did was call for an enormous fix, rather than repeal.

Howard Dean even came out and said that Obamacare’s cuts to payments for providers will end up hurting patients. Too bad he didn’t mention that when the law was being debated. (H/T iOTW)

But Harry Reid said all that’s needed is more money. That’s how Democrats propose to fix every problem.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) says he shares colleagues’ concerns that the Affordable Care Act could become a “train wreck” if it’s not implemented properly.

Reid warned that people will not be able to choose health insurance plans on government health exchanges if federal authorities lack the resources to set them up and educate the public.

“Max said unless we implement this properly it’s going to be a train wreck and I agree with him,” Reid said, echoing a warning delivered last month by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.).

Reid warned the federal government is not spending enough money to implement the law because of Republican opposition to ObamaCare. (Read More)

Of course he blamed Republicans for the mess he and his comrades created.

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