Video: Obama’s Hissy Fit Over Gun Control Bill Fail


Obama Hissy Fit

Boy, go out for a few hours and look what you miss! President Obama nearly threw a hissy fit after a gun control bill, or as Harry Reid called it “anti-gun legislation” went down in the Senate thanks to “no” votes from his own party. I didn’t see Obama show this much outrage after the Sandy Hook massacre. I certainly didn’t see it after the Fort Hood murders that the DOD refuses to classify as and act of war. I didn’t see it after the heinous attack at the Boston Marathon. And of course he showed no outrage over the little black babies that Kermit Gosnell slaughtered. But here he is, mad as hell, because his agenda to strip us of our second amendment rights didn’t pass.

Oh, and here is a picture of Gabby Giffords, who was standing at Obama’s side, before she was saved by the best medical system in the world after being shot by a mentally deranged lunatic. Thanks to her party and Obama, those medical miracles may become a thing of the past.


There’s nothing worse than a politician who stands on the graves of innocents to advance an agenda.

Remember, this is not how a civil society is governed.

Update: Let us also note that the Boston Marathon bombing that left 3 dead and 170 injured and/or maimed did not involve one single bullet or one single gun.

Update: Where’s the outrage over Obama’s cuts to the domestic bombing prevention program? Oh, excuse me, I forgot, he can’t be outraged at himself while standing in a river of blood for political gain.