‘This Is Not How A Civil Society Is Governed’


Capitol Senate

Dianny Rants:

The most deliberative body in the world.

What a profound lie.

What is deliberative about knee-jerk, emotionally driven legislation?

One day, and I hope for their sakes it is soon, the pain and grief the Newtown parents are feeling over the tragic, senseless deaths of their children will wane. One day, they will be able to move on with their lives.

But this violation of the Second Amendment that was rushed through out of pity and horror will not fade. We will be stuck with this long after the tears have dried, and the sorrow and pain abates.

This is not how a civil society is governed.

This travesty of a vote, this willing violation of those 68 Senators’ oath of office only proves that We the People are no longer governed by a Constitutional Republic.

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