So Many Ghouls, So Little Time

April 7, 2013

It’s the weekend. We all want a little down time. I was enjoying my own down time until I saw that leftists were on the attack against Pastor Rick Warren, whose son just committed suicide.

As more and more news outlets report the tragic death of Pastor Rick Warren’s son, it’s clear that no one knows anything beyond what Warren revealed in an email to staff announcing the suicide. We’re certain that even Warren, who wrote that son Matthew decided to take his own life “in spite of America’s best doctors, meds, counselors, and prayers for healing,” is asking why such a tragedy had to happen. While some are simply asking the questions that anyone might ask, many ghouls are laying blame at the feet of Warren himself.

Read the whole thing for a taste of how heartless and cruel the left is. When they see their political opposition hurting they pounce in an effort to inflict even more pain. Just imagine the pain and suffering the Warren family was already going through before these creeps started piling on. These people have no compassion, they’re inhuman.

Which brings me to the latest from that nut Bill Schmalfeldt, who harassed Lee Stranahan about Stranahan’s dead child. This ghoul actually went out and created T-shirts for what he calls “Team Kimberlin.” Kimberlin is also known as the “Speedway Bomber” for the crimes he committed in Speedway, Indiana. Yet this crumb Schmalfeldt is happy to be a part of his team. It’s sick.



The Other McCain has much more on this rotten scoundrel, a term which Schmalfeldt probably  takes as a compliment.

I could go on about how the rotten leftists stalking and harassing me used the memory of my late mother to taunt me. But instead I’ll go back to my weekend. These wicked people have already taken up enough of my time.

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