So A Danish Politician Walks Into A ‘Poor’ Person’s House

Lazy Robert

Lazy Robert

What happens when a liberal society that gives out generous welfare benefits decides to check in and see how the “poor” are really living? Hilarity ensues, unless you happen to be one of the suckers paying for it all. In that case, despair might be a better term.

It began as a stunt intended to prove that hardship and poverty still existed in this small, wealthy country, but it backfired badly. Visit a single mother of two on welfare, a liberal member of Parliament goaded a skeptical political opponent, see for yourself how hard it is.

It turned out, however, that life on welfare was not so hard. The 36-year-old single mother, given the pseudonym “Carina” in the news media, had more money to spend than many of the country’s full-time workers. All told, she was getting about $2,700 a month, and she had been on welfare since she was 16.

It gets even better, again, if you’re not one of the suckers.

Carina was not the only welfare recipient to fuel the sense that Denmark’s system has somehow gotten out of kilter. Robert Nielsen, 45, made headlines last September when he was interviewed on television, admitting that he had basically been on welfare since 2001.

Mr. Nielsen said he was able-bodied but had no intention of taking a demeaning job, like working at a fast-food restaurant. He made do quite well on welfare, he said. He even owns his own co-op apartment.

Unlike Carina, who will no longer give interviews, Mr. Nielsen, called “Lazy Robert” by the news media, seems to be enjoying the attention. He says that he is greeted warmly on the street all the time. “Luckily, I am born and live in Denmark, where the government is willing to support my life,” he said. (Read More)

In short, Danish politicians are rethinking their overly generous cradle-to-grave welfare system that is completely unsustainable. In the meantime, politicians in the United States are doing everything they can to expand the welfare state.