Regal Cinemas Cuts Workweek Thanks To Obamacare



The dreaded Obamacare has claimed some more economic victims. This week it’s the employees of Regal Entertainment Group, the nation’s largest movie theater chain. The company said the health care law left them with no choice but to cut the workweeks of its employees.

Fox News has the story:

Regal Entertainment Group, which operates more than 500 theaters in 38 states, last month rolled back shifts for non-salaried workers to 30 hours per week, putting them under the threshold at which employers are required to provide health insurance. The Nashville-based company said in a letter to managers that the move was a direct result of ObamaCare.

“In addition, some managers have requested guidance on what they should tell those employees negatively impacted and, at your discretion, we suggest the following,” read the memo obtained by “To comply with the Affordable Care Act, Regal had to increase our health care budget to cover those newly deemed eligible based on the law’s definition of a full-time employee.”

“To manage this budget, all other employees will be scheduled in accord with business needs and in a manner that will not negatively impact our health care budget,” the message continues.

Read the whole thing. One manager said that it was tough getting by on forty hours a week, so things are going to get more difficult. This law isn’t just hurting employers, it’s hurting the employees it’s supposed to help.