Oops! Reuters Accidentally Published The Obituary Of George Soros


Reuters prematurely published the obituary of billionaire lefty George Soros. I’m surprised it’s still online. There’s a screenshot below in case they take it down.

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George Soros, who died XXX at age XXX, was a predatory and hugely successful financier and investor, who argued paradoxically for years against the same sort of free-wheeling capitalism that made him billions.

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He was known as “the man who broke the Bank of England” for selling short the British pound in 1992 and helping force the United Kingdom to withdraw from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism, which devalued the pound and earned Soros more than $1 billion.

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And his Soros Fund Management was widely blamed for helping trigger the Asian financial crisis of 1997, by selling short the Thai baht and Malaysian ringgit.

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“Subsequently, Prime Minister Mahatir of Malaysia accused me of causing the crisis, a wholly unfounded accusation,” Soros wrote in The Crisis of Global Capitalism: Open Society Endangered,” in 1998.

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What a guy.

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Ed Driscoll calls this “One of the great moments in MSM history.” I’ll say.

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George Soros Obit