New York Blowing Another $634K On Car Charging Stations In Syracuse



Last year the federal government spent $700,000 on car charging stations in Central New York, even though there were only 30 electric vehicles in the area at the time. The “politically affiliated company” installed the wrong chargers and had to rip them out and replace them. Now the state of New York is blowing another $634,o00 on charging stations, even though they’re hardly ever used.

New York state has awarded $300,000 for more electric car charging stations to Syracuse nonprofit EVPass that last summer had to rip out and reinstalldozens of faulty stations.

The state also recently awarded an extra $334,000 in tax dollars for additional car charging units to a Florida company that announced today it has completed its acquisition of EVPass.

Car Charging Group, of Miami, announced it would take over 68 charging stations in and around Central New York formerly run by EVPass, a part of Synapse Sustainability Trust.

The sustainability trust is the nonprofit arm of Synapse LLC, an environmental consulting and insurance group headed by Eckardt “Chris” Beck and Vita DeMarchi, the past chair of the Onondaga County Democratic Party.

Beck is now on the board of directors of Car Charging Group, according to a news release from the company.

Read the whole thing. They’re spending millions on these things all over the state. Yet the governor and legislature raided the State Insurance Fund to close the budget gap.