Mitch McConnell’s Office Was Bugged, Recording Released On Far Left Website


Ashley Judd

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky campaign office was bugged, apparently in violation of Kentucky and possibly federal laws, and then the recording from the bugging was released on the far-left Mother Jones website. It was a conversation between McConnell and some of his campaign aids about Ashley Judd and the possibility of making issues of her mental health history and far left political views against her if she were to run against McConnell. As Prof. Jacobson notes, that would only be newsworthy if they didn’t bring those issues up.

Mother Jones’s David Corn denies having played any part in the making of the tape, but he does appear to have some knowledge of what went down. This is what he told Greg Sergent.

As the story makes clear, we were recently provided the tape by a source who wished to remain anonymous. We were not involved in the making of the tape, but we published a story on the tape due to its obvious newsworthiness. It is our understanding that the tape was not the product of a Watergate-style bugging operation. We cannot comment beyond that.

That still leaves a lot of unanswered questions, like did Corn or anyone else at Mother Jones know about the bugging before it took place? Maybe the FBI will get to the bottom of it. Even if this tape did just happen to fall into their laps, it’s still pretty low publishing what was clearly a private conversation. Imagine the reaction from the left if a Democrat’s office was bugged and then aired on a conservative website. We’d never hear the end of it.

Oh, and Mother Jones is the website that first published the secret recording of Mitt Romney speaking in private to donors.

Update: McConnell summed things up rather succinctly:

“This is what you get from the political left in America these days.”