Kids Write The Darndest Things, Allegedly



Kids these days. They write the darndest things. In crayon. With no prompting whatsoever by their teachers.

The words are written in crayon, in the haphazard bumpiness of a child’s scrawl.

“I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure.”

They’re the words that Florida father Aaron Harvey was stunned to find his fourth-grade son had written, after a lesson in school about the Constitution.

The link above doesn’t include this bit of information:

Harvey told TheBlaze he received a call from the school Friday morning that featured the principal, guidance counselor and Sabb. He was told the sentence came during the lesson with the [visiting] lawyer, that [the teacher] Sabb had nothing to do with it, and that Harvey’s son “wrote it on his own free will.”

Hey, why don’t we just drop the term “education” and start calling it what it really is – indoctrination.

Our tax dollars at work, indoctrinating the kids one little mind at a time.