In Case You’re Wondering What I’m Up To…

If you ever wonder why there are many hours between blog posts here, this is why:



photo (22)


I love these guys. They come first. But the left would like to wear us all down to the point where we just give in. They want us to feel defeated and depressed. They want us to give up. As tempting as it is to just throw in the towel and have some more leisure time, I choose to continue to go without a good night’s sleep if it means one more voter might find this blog and wake up. I don’t know how effective I’ll be, but hey, at least I can tell those two boys one day that I didn’t sit back and do nothing.

Now I need to get some rest. So I’ll leave you with some links:

Robert Redford, still radical after all these years

How the New York Times has basically turned Obama into a saint

Mad Men - How 1968 was a pivotal year in American politics,


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