How The New York Times Is Helping Anthony Weiner Revive His Political Career



Disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner is trying to revive his political career, and is thinking about a run for Mayor of New York City. It looks like the New York Times is trying to help him out.

In a just world, Jonathan Van Meter of the New York Times — and every editor who signed off on this thoroughly dishonest article — would be fired, and effectively blackballed from the industry like Jason Blair and Stephen Glass, for engaging in such a vicious distortion of facts.

Everyone who knows what actually happened must be outraged by Van Meter’s underhanded attempt to revive the Weiner-Truther “hack” theory, by quoting Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin: “Anthony had told me in the past that there were these sort of trolls on the Internet who were trying to damage him, take him down.” And then this hateful lie:

It wasn’t such an implausible theory; after all, it was the not entirely reputable right-wing blogger Andrew Breitbart who broke the story.

“Here Mr. Disgraced Democrat, let me help you blame this on your enemies by smearing the dead man who exposed you.”

Beyond this, Van Meter deliberately misstates the chronology of revelations, denying Breitbart credit for the impact of his reporting on the Texas woman who had also received Weiner’s dirty pictures, a key development that Breitbart gave as an exclusive to ABC News to break the story first. Ace of Spades nails it:

Read the whole thing. I got together with some friends this evening, and we were talking about all of the obstacles in the way of conservatives winning elections, and the problem with the media was right up there. Would an outlet like the New York Times ever give a scandal-plagued Republican fair treatment, let alone re-write the history of the scandal? Of course not, but these are courtesies extended to the Democrats all the time. They ignore Democrat scandals until they have no choice but to cover them, while at the same time repeating every stupid meme the Democrats come up with to smear Republicans and conservatives. Heck, they even go along with progressive tweaks to the language, just think back to what the AP did last week. This is what we’re up against, at almost every level.