Hillary Clinton Claims ‘The Clock Is Turning Back’ For Women


Hillary Clinton

It seems the race for 2016 has already started, and Hillary Clinton kicked things off with a steaming pile of identity politics. This morning at a “Women of the World” forum in New York City, the former Senator and Secretary of State had a dire warning for women – the clock is turning back! Oh no!

“As I look at all these young women that I am privileged to work with, or know through Chelsea, and its hard to imagine turning the clock on them,” Clinton said. “But in places around America, large and small, the clock is turning back,” she said, noting that women in America live “shorter lives” than any other industrialized country.

Clinton called for “equal pay” for working women as well as paid family and medical leave benefits.

“[I]f America is going to lead the way we expect ourselves to lead, we need to empower women here at home to participate fully in our economy and our society,” she said. (Read More)

Certainly an argument can be made that thanks to the policies of President Obama women are making less money and finding it harder to make ends meet. But that’s happening to just about everyone who isn’t well connected.

If Clinton has her way and women start getting paid for family leave, that could mean even fewer jobs out there, especially for the women who need them the most. But progressives never do stop to think about how their policies hurt real people. As long as they have their talking points and can make headlines that make them look sympathetic they’re happy. But what is the truth about women in the workplace?

The Independent Women’s Forum has a new video looking at that question, and the truth of the matter is that women are doing just fine in the workforce when compared to men. Most studies progressives cite only look at the wages and salaries of all women and all men, without taking into account lifestyle choices made by many women to provide flexibility between work and home. Watch: