Eric Holder Calls Amnesty A Civil Right


What isn’t a civil right to the progressive left these days? Here’s Attorney General Eric Holder explaining how amnesty for immigrants who came her illegally is a civil right.

“Creating a pathway to earned citizenship for the 11 million unauthorized immigrants in this country is essential. The way we treat our friends and neighbors who are undocumented – by creating a mechanism for them to earn citizenship and move out of the shadows – transcends the issue of immigration status. This is a matter of civil and human rights. It is about who we are as a nation. And it goes to the core of our treasured American principle of equal opportunity.”

Dude, they’re in the shadows because they’re breaking the law! What part of that don’t these people get? Oh yeah, I forgot. They get it, they just don’t care. In fact, they encourage it by offering free food and other goodies on the backs of the American taxpayers. Watch:

He also called Hispanics “language minorities.” Where do they come up with this garbage?

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