Democrats Running Pro-Gun Candidates In Swing States While Pushing Gun Control In DC



Talk about hypocrisy. The Democrats are running pro-gun candidates in swing states while continuing to push gun control in Washington, DC.

Democratic leaders are wooing staunchly pro-gun candidates to run in pivotal Senate races at the same time they are discussing a strategy for bringing gun control legislation back up for debate.

The two-pronged effort has prompted Republicans to accuse the Senate Democratic leadership of hypocrisy, but Democrats say it is simply smart politics.

The question is whether two of the Democrats’ most promising potential candidates in Montana and South Dakota will pay a price for the leadership’s political maneuverings in Washington. Or will recruiting candidates who do not support President Obama’s gun control agenda have any effect on Democratic fundraising efforts? (Read More)

In related news, Senator Joe Manchin said he’s determined to bring the Manchin/Toomey bill back up for another vote.

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