Aw! Poor Cuomo Finds Himself In A Fracking Lose-Lose Situation



New York Governor Andrew Cuomo waited so long to do anything about fracking that he now finds himself in a lose-lose situation, according to the New York Post.

Gov. Cuomo is paralyzed with indecision on “fracking’’ for natural gas because it’s a “lose-lose’’ situation where even Southern Tier residents who should benefit financially will be bitterly disappointed, a highly placed political source has told The Post.

Cuomo, who has dithered for more than two years on whether to OK the drilling process, which is used safely in nearly 30 other states, fears that his planned “toughest-in-the-nation” regulations and low natural-gas prices have combined to make it unlikely major gas companies would make the investments needed to develop new wells, the source said.

“His fear is that if he gives the go-ahead, nothing is going to happen, the gas companies won’t come in because of overregulation, and gas-price economics and the people [in the] Southern Tier will then say, ‘Look, Cuomo killed it another way.’

“Cuomo’s regulators plan to impose almost impossible restrictions, natural-gas prices are way down, and the governor knows that the less valuable ‘dry’ natural gas is in the [Southern Tier’s] Marcellus Shale, not the valuable ‘wet’ gas that the companies are going after now,’’ the source continued.

“The drilling decision is, and has been all along, about what the governor can gain from it, and right now, he doesn’t see himself gaining anything, whatever he does,’’ explained the source, who has strong ties to Cuomo’s campaign contributors. (Read More)


In other words, Andy waited so long while he was appeasing his liberal base that he sent the producers running for the hills. What does he care about the Southern Tier when his voting base is in New York City? The city folks get their environmental and energy news from stupid celebrities rather than scientists. The rest of the people pay for it. It’s a fracking mess without the benefits. But I guess as long as the federal government keeps people hooked on food stamps and disability payments all is good in Andy the Tyrant’s world. In the meantime, it gets harder and harder to make a living in this state. Oh and hey, what do you know, most of the customers of private contractors work for the government. Guess what? Not a single one of them would ever pay union wages to the guys working on their own homes. Most of them would prefer not to even pay minimum wage. But of course, they expect the best. Funny how that works.

H/T Michael A.