Video: The Abridged Version Of My Blogger Award

That's me with Jedediah Bila who presented the award.

That’s me with Jedediah Bila who presented the award.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Okay, maybe just my dad.

Thanks to my dear friend Pete Da TechGuy there is a short video of the moments just after I received the “Best Kept Secret” blogger award at CPAC. As I explained earlier:

As soon as Borowski received her award the room cleared out faster than you can say “Where did Michelle Bachmann go?” So when Jedediah Bila presented me with my award I said “Now that the room has cleared out it’s still going to be the best kept secret.”

Anyway, my friend thought she was taping the whole thing but there was a technical issue so I don’t have video. Pete DaTechGuy was there with his camera and as soon as his video is available I’ll post it.

Well here it is, my 13 seconds of Almost Out Of Obscurity.

After the entire awards presentation had concluded Pete surprised me with an impromptu interview. Please note that Pete is a great interviewer. Me as an interviewee, well, not so much, especially when I’m not expecting it. But it was a lot of fun even if I do suck at it.

If not for all of you who read this blog, Andy, Dr. Owens, my fellow conservative bloggers and everyone else who has helped me along the way, this blog probably still would be the best kept secret on the internet. Thanks also to Jackie Wellfonder who noticed when Pete posted this. I met her in person for the first time at this CPAC and she’s a really nice lady. Oh, and thanks to the dear friends who made up my little “posse” and made sure CPAC 2013 was another great experience. If not for them I probably wouldn’t keep going back because I don’t like to travel and I don’t like crowds. But I’m always happy I went when it’s all said and done. Now if only I could figure out how to make a living out of this.

Oh, one more thing, I was able to return the favor to Pete later that night when he needed someone to be behind the camera for his weekly commentary. That was fun.

Update: I almost forgot to say that when Pete asked me about the venue, I had just gotten there a few hours ago. My flight on Thursday was delayed. So I must say that when it all was said and done I really enjoyed this venue. There were no lines to get into the ballrooms for the big speeches, and it really is a lovely place to visit. The Gaylord did a great job in hosting this huge event. CPAC also did a good job this year with media/blogger access. I have no complaints at all.