VA Will Not Comply With Reporting Requirements Of NY Gun Law



The Veterans Administration said they will not comply with reporting requirements in New York’s SAFE Act that was rammed through the state legislature and signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo with no time for input from the public.

The federal Department of Veterans Affairs said Monday its mental health professionals won’t comply with a new gun law in New York that requires reporting the names of patients they believe likely to hurt themselves or others.

That provision is set to take effect Saturday. Several veterans and their advocates warned it would deter many from seeking counseling and medications to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder or other psychological issues. Veterans fear their rights would be taken away.

Under the law pushed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the information would be used by state officials to determine whether someone should give up a gun license or weapon.

VA Spokesman Mark Ballesteros said Monday that federal protections of veterans’ treatment records take precedence. The agency’s lawyers had been studying the New York statute, which passed in January. (Read More)

Who knows, maybe they just prefer to take care of these things in-house.