Tours For The Public The Only Thing Cut By White House


white house

Why am I not surprised that the only cuts to the White House budget are public tours? Obama would rather disappoint school children on class trips to make a point than to make any real cuts. He won’t stop taking his expensive vacations, his golf outings or giving raises to his staff but he’s fine with denying the public access to the place they pay for.

While President Barack Obama has spent weeks warning of the dark consequences of across-the-board budget cuts, there’s one area of government where his staff has failed to calculate their impact: the White House itself.

Obama administration spokesman Jay Carney told reporters Thursday that “detailed decisions” have yet to be made about how the administration would meet a projected $24 million reduction to the executive office budget, which may include furloughs of presidential aides and other employees.

“I’m not going say that this person is going have to be furloughed today, if that hasn’t happened yet and we don’t know when that will happen specifically,” he said. (Read More)

So the White House is no longer the “people’s house” but I’m sure Obama won’t stop selling access to his rich liberal donors through his new “non profit” organization.