Thousands Turned Out For Albany Rally Against NY Gun Law – Updated With Video


Albany gun rally 2-28

Thousands of protesters turned out on Thursday to rally against the unconstitutional NY SAFE Act that was rammed through the NY state legislature and signed into law last month by Governor Andrew Cuomo. North Country Public Radio made sure to report the race and gender of the majority of the protesters.

The several thousand mostly white men, many dressed in  hunting outfits and carrying American flags,  filled the one square block park outside the Capitol.

Oh yes, those evil white men and their guns.

The Albany Times Union was more subtle and reported that there were more than 5,000 people at the rally.

The group’s president, Tom King, had said 10,000 people would come to the rally. A dense crowd filled West Capitol Park as well as sidewalks along Swan Street, State Street and Washington Avenue; King said 118 buses and 25 vans brought in participants from around the state. State Police Lt. Robert Poisson said the crowd was “over 5,000.” He said there were no law enforcement issues, and that from a police perspective the rally was “quite uneventful.” (Read More)

As usual, when our side rallies it’s uneventful. I’m sure that would not have been the case if OFA bused in their goons as they had planned.

Update: Speaking of guns, I just remembered this email I received from a woman named Judith Rudolph who was part of the Obama campaign. Someone I got on her email list (thanks alot, stalkers) so I constantly get these emails from her.

Come to the hearing on Monday, March 4 at 6PM in room 407 of the Court House, 401 Montgomery St

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Sylvia Matousek
To: Sylvia Matousek
Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 11:51 AM

Onondaga County Legislators are considering coming out in opposition to New York State’s Gun Control Law, the strongest in the nation. The Republican majority, who consistently plays to the wing nuts in the NRA, have apparently listened to a few loud voices.

There is to be a public hearing, notice attached, on the issue. Only via a SMALL article in the paper and Linda Ervin holding legislative feet to the fire yesterday, forced the issue of the hearing. It’s scheduled for Monday, just one day before a full meeting, where, if not caught, the OC Legislature would certainly have passed the resolution.

Please attend the hearing. You are invited to speak, but if you prefer not to, please at least attend. If you would like to speak, contact the Brady Center which has all kinds of facts and information on the harm our lax guns laws have done.

I am attempting to get “Talking Points” on NY States Law from Sam Roberts Office. When I get them I’ll forward them to you also.

Please contact your own distribution lists.

Many thanks.

Happy to oblige, Sylvia. Unfortunately, I will not be available on Monday evening but maybe some of my friends will.

Update: Here’s a video with audio from the rally as well as a photo montage. Look at all of the women who were there. I think whoever reported for North Country NPR was seeing what they wanted to see.