The Feinstein Follies and Thank You Ted Cruz


The MSM pundits, and the thin skinned perpetually offended elite left, are exceedingly upset with the new Senator from Texas. Forgetting he’s of Hispanic descent, not that descent matters if one has an ‘R’ next to ones name because those on the left will be even more racist to them (like here, here, here, here, and here) then they are to their faithful voting servants, they basically called him an uppity upstart who had no business doing his duty as a Senator in trying to protect and defend the Constitution from a radical group; the radical group proudly led by the Marxist leaning Dianne Feinstein.

As is usual for those radicals on the left, and as they have done for decades, they grandstand on the coffins of victims and use a perceived crisis of the moment to kill by a thousands cuts the fragile freedom and liberty we have that keeps them from having the ultimate power they wish to wield upon us through their elitism. No single example of this truth is better than the sophomoric, demagogue ridden non-answer spewed by Dianne Feinstein to Ted Cruz’ timely question to her during the Senate Judiciary hearing on the new gun ban she proposes (from Fox News):


Ted Cruz did a good job in the moment to highlight the affront to the Constitution this proposal is and the foul contortions used by the radicals to seize freedom. I would, however, like to go further than Senator Cruz did to illustrate the absurdity of Feinstein’s and her radical cohorts’ defense of this bill.

The first thing Senator Feinstein tried to do was to ignore the question, demagogue the issue and complain about being offended, and deflect the issue which, thankfully, Senator Cruz quickly shot down.  The silly, and practically mummified Senator Leahy then did his best to malign the state of Texas with his stupid assumption that Texas has banned books when in fact all states have a list of acceptable and unacceptable books for classroom study but those books are not at all banned from being read privately (Leahy should look at what Chicago Illinois has just done).

Next, with help from the slimy Senator Schumer, Feinstein’s tactic was to equate banning of guns to banning child pornography. This is where the panel shows itself to be the quintessential clown show. Despite the fact that most of them on the panel are lawyers, they believe an inanimate object that is not exploitive or harmful in its production or ownership is equivalent to child pornography. They are purposely propagating a false analogy and dumbing down the debate for propaganda purposes to push their agenda. Child pornography, and any non-news or non-informative visual material that depicts exploitation of young people or the forcible exploitation and violation of another, is banned because by producing it one is breaking criminal law and by owning it or propagating it one is an accessory to continued exploitation and is breaking criminal law (unless you do so in Hollywood or make an artsy movie about it). An inanimate firearm does not do those things or cause those conditions by its existence.

In fact, I should also point out that child pornography laws apply to everyone, not just common citizens. No exceptions are made for government officials, the military or law enforcement in regards to that law, but exceptions are made with regard to Feinstein’s gun ban law – her law ONLY applies to the common citizen.

Senator Cruz was not deterred by this falsity and pressed on ( I wish he at the time would have addressed the propaganda as I did above, but in the moment I can’t fault him). Feinstein then deflected with the even sillier argument that “Congress is in the business of making law – the Supreme Court interprets the law. They strike down the law, they strike down the law.” Then she continues with the Heller decision examples with help from the bumbling Senator Durbin.

The assertion that laws can be written and passed willy-nilly without thought of Constitutional boundaries and to let the chips fall where they may through the good graces of a judiciary is absurd and dangerous. Supposedly Senator Feinstein thinks she is smarter and wiser than a 6th grader, but if we ask her to propose law that doesn’t infringe on the Bill of Rights suddenly she is too stupid to understand the thing she was offended at being lectured about. I could care less what judicial decision Senator Durbin wants to throw at us – no court, no legislation, no executive order can violate the freedoms the Bill of Rights guarantees protection of AS LONG AS the citizens do not use those rights to harm others – the second amendment is NOT TO BE INFRINGED.

If we used the intellectually dishonest logic of these radicals, we could stop careless driving accidents or DUI by limiting the gas tanks of cars to 5 gallons and outlawing cars with spoilers and racing stripes. All this law does is increase punishment of law abiding citizens during a time that we have seen the decrease of punishment on criminals and ignoring gun crimes.

Thank you Senator Ted Cruz.