Thanks To Obamacare Millions Will Be Priced Out Of Health Insurance – DWS Blames Republicans



Another day, another Obamacare horror story, and the law hasn’t even been fully implemented yet. Just wait.

Reuters reports that thanks to this dreadful law, millions of Americans will be priced out of health insurance.

Tax credits are a key component of the law and the White House has said the credits, averaging about $4,000 apiece, will help about 18 million individuals and families pay for health insurance once the Affordable Care Act takes full effect, beginning in January 2014.

The tax credits are geared toward low and middle-income Americans who do not have access to affordable health insurance coverage through an employer. The law specifies that employer-sponsored insurance is affordable so long as a worker’s share of the premium does not exceed 9.5 percent of the worker’s household income.

In its rule making, or final interpretation of the law, the IRS said affordability should be based strictly on individual coverage costs, however.

That means that, even if family coverage through an employer-based plan far exceeds the 9.5 percent cutoff, workers would not be eligible for the tax credits to help buy insurance for children or non-working dependents.

“It’s an issue. It needs to be fixed,” Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA, an influential healthcare advocacy group said on Tuesday, referring to what he called “the family glitch problem.” (Read More)

The article goes on to quote Debbie Wasserman Schultz blaming the Obamacare mess on Republicans. I am not kidding.

“I think one only has to look at the budget the Republicans crammed through the House last week, with the repeal of the Affordable Care Act attached to it, to know that the odds of adding coverage and improving coverage in Obamacare in this Tea Party-infused House of Representatives is very unlikely,” she said.

“The way to improve this law and to address concerns that have come up with it is not to repeal it, not to throw it out, but to simply make modifications to it. It would be wonderful if we had Republican colleagues in our chamber, on the other side of the aisle, who were willing to sit down and do that.”

Wow! She’s got some nerve, that one. It was her party and her party alone that rammed this rotten law through Congress, over the loud objection of the American people, and now she’s blaming the Republicans for not letting them fix it? This was their attempt at fixing health care and look what they’ve done. Why should they be given the chance to screw it up even worse?

Update: Oh, and Kathleen Sebelius finally admitted that Obamacare is driving up costs. It took her long enough, nothing like finally admitting the obvious.

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