So This Blog Won An Award At CPAC! Yay! - Updated

Today at CPAC I received the “Best Kept Secret” blogger award sponsored by Right Wing News and It was funny. Michelle Bachmann kicked off the awards ceremony with a speech before presenting the “Blogger of the Year” award to Julie Borowski whose video blog is Token Libertarian Girl. As soon as Borowski received her award the room cleared out faster than you can say “Where did Michelle Bachmann go?” So when Jedediah Bila presented me with my award I said “Now that the room has cleared out it’s still going to be the best kept secret.”

Anyway, my friend thought she was taping the whole thing but there was a technical issue so I don’t have video. Pete DaTechGuy was there with his camera and as soon as his video is available I’ll post it. Here’s a picture of my plaque. Please be sure to share this blog with your friends and family members, because really, I’m not trying to keep it secret.

photo (11)

Also, Instapundit won the lifetime achievement award. IMAO won best humor blog, and Ace of Spades won blog of the year.

Update: The Guardian (of all places) reported on the award:

The Best Kept Secret award goes to The Lonely Conservative.

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