#SequesterThis! Pentagon Mulls $150 Million Upgrade To Gitmo



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Do you want to see $150 million of our taxpayer dollars going to upgrade Guantanamo Bay to make terrorists more comfortable? I know I don’t, but the people spending the money never did care what any of us think. We just foot the bill, or they borrow the money which our kids are going to have to pay back.

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The Pentagon is considering plans for a $150 million overhaul of the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba — including building a new dining hall, hospital and barracks for the guards — as part of an ambitious project recommended by the top general in charge of its operations, officials tell NBC News.

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They’re doing thing because the detainees have been unhappy and haven’t been eating. Poor babies. But that’s not all they want to spend on.

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In addition, Flanders said, Kelly has signed off on construction projects that include: …

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– a new $11.2 million hospital and medical units for the detainees;

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– a $9.9 million “legal meeting complex” where lawyers can meet their detainee clients;

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– a $10.8 million “communications network facility” to store data, including computer records and tapes of interrogations, which has been required by a federal court order.

All these projects have been signed off by Kelly in the last few months and been forwarded to the Pentagon, where they are being reviewed by budget officials in Secretary Chuck Hagel’s office, Flanders said.

At the same time, Flanders said, the operations budget for Guantanamo has already increased substantially this year with the construction of a $40 million fiber optic cable being built from south Florida to the facility in Cuba. The cable is needed to improve Internet access, thereby allowing officials to have improved live video feeds of the military commission proceedings of the Sept. 11 hijackers… (Read More)

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