Senator Rand Paul Filibusters Brennan Nomination Over Drone Use – Update – Still At It – Update – Still At It


Rand Paul Filibuster

As I write this Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is filibustering the nomination of John Brennan as CIA Director over the administration’s stance on drone use on US soil. He said he won’t be able to talk forever, but will keep going for as long as he can. He just finished talking about the policy of indefinite detentions, and is now talking about the Kelo case which allows the government to take over private property through the use of eminent domain. His point is that although these policies may seen benign at the time they’re implemented, the next thing you know the power is abused.

He’s been speaking for about 3 hours, how long do you think he’ll last?

You can watch Paul’s filibuster on CSPAN 2, at least for now. The Daily Caller has a recap of the beginning of the filibuster.

Update: Senator Paul has company:

Paul has been joined by Senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Jerry Moran, and given support by former Senator Jim DeMint. Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) has made it bipartisan. Go, webfoot!

Let this be an important symbolic victory, and let it wake up the sleeping giant to the threat parked within our borders.

Update 7:24 PM: This is awesome, he’s still talking. It’s going on 8 hours. I tune in every now and then and cheer when I see he’s still at it. Go Senator Paul!

Update 7:26 PM: Senator Ted Cruz just stood up and told Paul about the overwhelming response to his filibuster and he’s now reading a series of supportive tweets. This, of course, is without Paul yielding the floor.

Update: If you’re on twitter, please tweet using the hashtag #StandWithRand to send a message of support to Senator Paul.

Update 9:42 PM: Paul’s going on ten hours and appears to still be going strong. He’s been helped since my last update by Senator Mike Lee and Senator John Barrasso. We should remember this.

Da TechGuy shot some video a few hours ago of his twitter feed going wild over this epic filibuster. I might add, as Paul pointed out early in the day, this is not partisan. He’s voted for President Obama’s other nominees even though he disagrees with them. This about liberty and ceding the power to the president to kill citizens without due process on American soil. If this filibuster does nothing else, perhaps it will wake up a few Americans who haven’t been paying attention.

I’m 41 also has a great roundup of reaction to this historic filibuster.

Something else I thought of while watching this, the SPLA continues to warn about “right wing extremists” who “could” pose a terrorist threat. If the Obama administration believes they can kill Americans with drones based on their suspicions of terrorist activities, what’s to stop them from unleashing drones on the many Christian groups and others they deem to be extremists? The SPLC isn’t much different than the DHS when it comes to labeling those who disagree with their ideology as extremist.

Update: Here’s video of Senator Ted Cruz reading the tweets supporting Senator Paul.

There’s more from Cruz here. Love that guy.

Oh, and it’s now after 10:00 PM and Paul is still going, with a little more help from Barrasso. I love it.

Update: It’s now 11:15 PM and Senator Marco Rubio is speaking, without wielding the floor to Senator Paul. The longer this goes on, the more the media will be required to report on it. This is a good thing.

Update: Other Senators are now coming out of the woodwork to #StandWithRand – what took them so long? Mitch McConnell is even out there now at 11:36 PM, almost 12 hours into this thing. It would have been more impressive if he was there half a day ago.